Vaporizers Reviewed: The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit Reviewed


First Impressions of the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

The vaporizer community is growing stronger each day, and the number of products on the market for consumers is growing, too. With so many options, you may be wondering which kit is your best option. The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit is among the best kits for those new to the vaporizing. It’s a simple, easy and affordable way to introduce yourself to the vaporizing community. The pre-filled cartridges, built-in atomizer, and easy set up make it a particularly easy unit to use, and the size makes it exceptionally portable.

EverSmoke Basic Starter KitStarter Kit Details

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit, is a simple vaporizer kit that will get you up and vaping in just a few minutes. It contains everything you will need to start your vapping experience. Included parts and components are:

  • Wall Charger
  • USB charger
  • Two batteries (one long and one short)
  • 5 cartridges (you pick your flavor and nicotine strength)
  • A manual to get you started


Instead of using an E-liquid to fill these, the cartridges come pre-filled, which is nice for people who don’t want to fuss with filling cartridges themselves. The only real down side is you can only pick one flavor with this starter kit, and your flavor options are kind of limited. With that being said, there are several strengths available, and 10 different flavors, which cover a wide range of preferences.EverSmoke Flavor Cartridges

Using the EverSmoke

Upon opening the package, I will admit that the EverSmoke doesn’t look like much. It looks, very much like a disposable e-cigarette. As I delved into the package, I learned it was much more than that. The battery is compact, but sturdy. You have the option of white, black or stainless steel for your battery color; I picked stainless steel. It gives the system a sleek, sophisticated look.

Final thoughts

This is the perfect compromise between expensive disposable vaporizers, and the more complicated chargeable units. With the EverSmoke basic kit, you’ll get everything you need to start vaping, and it really is as simple as charging the battery and screwing on a cartridge.  This is a great vaporizer for the novice looking to avoid disposable, but who is not yet ready for more complex systems.

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