VaporFi VOX® Mini 40 Watt MOD Review


VaporFi VOX® Mini

The VaporFi Vox® Mini 40 Watt mod is a great choice for beginners and experienced vapers alike. It is a small and comfortable device to carry and it’s easy to get the hang of using it. The buttons and OLED display provide just enough information about your set-up without being too overwhelming for new vapers, and the plus and minus controls are super intuitive. 


With up to 40 watts of variable power, this little box mod provides plenty of juice to vapers who want a ton of vapor without all the heat. The 40W max is just perfect for the size and capacity of the battery, leaving you plenty of room to vape all day without having to recharge. Fortunately, when you do need to do so, the easy recharge with the USB cable takes hardly any time at all.

In addition to the extended battery life and variable wattage settings from 7-40W, this device is also capable of working with a full range of atomizers from 0.3 ohm up to 3 ohm, giving you more than enough space to experiment with sub-ohm vaping, high power and more. 

The DeviceVaporFi VOX® Mini 40 Watt MOD

The Vox® Mini 40 Watt mod is a sturdy little box made out of stainless steel in a classic matte finish with a simple black bar down the side. It is not much bigger than a standard lighter, making it a great choice for people who are not yet ready for the hefty size of the 200W mods out there.

The charging port is located on the side of the device with the screen and buttons, a feature that has become standard among high-end vapes so you can leave your device upright while charging. In addition, VaporFi has led the industry with a number of safety features on their devices and the Vox® Mini 40 Watt mod is no different. It is a safe and secure mod that will not leak in your pocket, and has low wattage protection to keep you from causing internal damage to the device. There are also protections against overheating. 

Overall, the Vox® Mini 40 Watt mod is quickly becoming one of the top recommended mini mods on the market. VaporFi already has a great reputation for quality products, and this little box is the perfect mid-range device that’s a step up from a simple vape pen, but not quite as complex as the larger box mods.

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