VaporFi Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice Review


Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice

Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice is a fun, fruity adventure that reminds you of those fabulous summer treats. The packaging alone is reminiscent of a real slushy with a brightly colored cup and straw. The flavorful blend includes strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon and more to create the same sweet and vibrant flavors of those old school drinks. 

Flavor Profile

At first you can’t help but take in the slightly tart flavor of plump, juicy strawberries. However, before that taste can even begin to fade away, you’ll be taken on a quick detour to try some super tangy blueberries, followed by the rich and luxurious raspberries. You’ll then be surprised to find a tiny slice of watermelon hitting you right in the back of the throat. As it all comes together, the tartness will subside into a smoother, lighter flavor and it will fade flawlessly away with a sweet, sugary tail. 


You can’t possibly miss VaporFi’s brilliant packaging for the Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice. The bright blue and red perfectly captures the essence of the berries in the mix, while also taking you back to those days of going to get a slushy at the movie theater. The collector cup is a nice touch to go along with the 30 mL bottle of actual vape juice. 

The Blend

The Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice is part of VaporFi’s extended MaxVG line. The heavier VG liquid provides plenty of room for creating huge clouds and carries the flavor perfectly without getting distorted. You will fall in love with the way this e-liquid delivers and you will never look back. 

VaporFi uses only top of the line ingredients and high-grade nicotine. If you are a big fan of fruit flavors with just a hint of added sugar, you will find that this is a perfect treat. There is nothing quite as good as getting a slushy on a hot summer day, and this is a perfect rendition of those good old days. For under $18 you can try your very own and see for yourself how great VaporFi’s new exclusive flavors are no matter what type of vape you’re using. 

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