VaporFi Tropical Escape Vape Juice Review


Tropical Escape Vape Juice

Need a vacation, but don’t have the time or money to travel to a beach? VaporFi Tropical Escape is a quick and simple vacation in a bottle! This tropical fruit e-liquid is a fantastic combination of slightly acidic citrus and pineapple, softened by the subtle sweetness of mango, starfruit and kiwi. Just imagine an ice cold tropical smoothie and you won’t be disappointed. 


VaporFi Tropical Escape is a great choice if you like to experiment with blending flavors. It already packs quite the punch, but if you want to add a brighter feel to your blend, just ask for an extra shot or two of your favorite fruits. In addition, if you’re looking for a way to recreate the taste of one of your favorite summertime mixed drinks, Tropical Escape blends really well with a little bit of watermelon or you can add a bit of minty flavor.

This vape juice is plenty complex for even the most discerning vaper. As the tropical fruit flavors blend so well with one another, a hit of this stuff is a really exciting roller coaster ride. Soft and sweet gives way to a punchy pineapple flavor and that unravels back to a creamy mango and papaya. It hits you in waves and takes you through each fruit one by one until you can close your eyes and feel the sunshine and the sand between your toes! 

Strength Vaporfi Caramel Tobacco vape juice

VaporFi knows that you want your Tropical Escape to be just the right strength for you. That’s why you can choose from 50/50, 70/30 and Max VG options, as well as a wide range of nicotine options.

Final Thoughts

This is a super fun e-juice that is just perfect for people who love other ultra-fruity blends like watermelon and grape, and that extra shot of flavor makes it that much more powerful for those who really want to get the full taste of the lighter fruits.

This is another one of VaporFi’s amazing top-shelf e-liquids at a price that you can’t beat. Plus, they sell extra-large bottles and multi-packs for an even better discount. 

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