VaporFi Strawberry Chill E-Liquid Review


What Makes Strawberry Chill So Great?

Initially, I was skeptical. I wasn’t ever much of a Menthol smoker. However, I had heard nothing but good things about VaporFi. For that reason, I decided to give it a try. Boy, I’m glad that I did!


From your very first pull, the Strawberry Chill e-liquid is super smooth. Unlike many e-liquids that don’t actually leave you with a slight flavor in your mouth, Strawberry Chill does. It isn’t too much strawberry, but it isn’t too much Menthol either. It’s the absolute perfect concoction with almost no aftertaste. It’s almost as if you just popped a piece of Strawberry Mint gum in your mouth, which will literally leave you begging for more and more! For some, they may find the menthol to be a bit too much. This is especially true for those who aren’t used to it. In fact, the Menthol taste may be too strong and overtake the strawberry to where you actually need a bit more strawberry to be able to enjoy this vape.

Benefits of VaporFi Strawberry ChillVaporFi Strawberry Chill E-Liquid

  • Clean, sweet taste that explodes.
  • Nice, smooth throat hit.
  • Virtually no disgusting aftertaste.
  • Perfect combination of strawberry flavor and Menthol.

Benefits of Choosing VaporFi E-Liquid Blends

  • All e-liquid blends are registered with the FDA.
  • All e-liquid cartridges are manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory.
  • The e-liquid base consists of top-rated USP Grade Kosher ingredients.
  • All e-liquids contain the highest-quality glycerin – no need to worry about peanut allergies.
  • All e-liquids are free from fake flavors thanks to the fact that they are all free of diacetyl.

Final Notes for the VaporFi Strawberry Chill E-Liquid

Overall, it’s one of the nicest, cleanest and most delightful vapes on the market right now. It’s definitely a great e-liquid to consider if you’re just starting with e-cigarettes. For me, it’s my go-to all-day vape. In fact, I think I may be a little addicted. I find myself buying more 30 ml bottles of Strawberry Chill than any other blend.

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