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VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

While I decided to make the switch to vaporizers a few years ago, there have been times where I still want to enjoy authentic herbs and plants. Most vaporizers are not equipped to handle dry herbs without some sort of attachments and alterations to the device, and I’m not one to tinker around with electronics and possibly break it. That is why the VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer is really a fantastic little device I have come across and something I use a few times a week when I just have the craving for dry herbs instead of vape juice.

Some of the items that come with the VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer include:

  • OLED Temperature Display
  • 6 Ventilation Slots
  • Packing tool
  • 3 Silicone mouthpiece coversVaporFi Stratus

OLED Temperature Display

For anyone else who uses dry herbs, they understand just how important it is to reach the right temperature to ensure the herb doesn’t scorch and burn too quickly as this damages the flavor. The VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer has an excellent OLED temperature display built right into the side of the device. I am able to adjust the temperature by increments of one degree at a time, ranging from 350 degrees up to 430 degrees. There is even a preheat feature.  

6 Ventilation Slots

The VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer is able to keep cool to my touch thanks to the six ventilation slots installed into the chamber. This way, it doesn’t matter what internal temperature I have it on, my hand can never tell.

VaporFi Stratus Packing ToolPacking Tool

One of the ways the VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer is set apart from the other vaporizer options is the packing tool. When using dry herbs, the plants need to be properly inserted into the device. It can’t be too crammed in nor should it be lightly tossed in. The packing tool makes sure this is not a problem.

3 Silicone Mouthpiece CoversVaporFi Stratus Silicone Covers

As anyone who has smoked dry herbs before can attest to, the mouthpiece often becomes dirty during extended use. With the three mouthpieces, I can always have a clean option on hand, so whether I am partaking of the herb on my own or with friends, I don’t need to worry about using a dirty mouthpiece ever again.

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