VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit Review


Reviewing the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

When you are looking for something that is extremely close to the sensation you get with a traditional cigarette, the VaporFi Rocket will meet your demands. This e-cigarette has a battery backup that is able to handle multiple uses, and it comes in a couple of color choices. Finally, you will not be disappointed with the size of the tank on the Rocket. The Starter Kit gives you 2.5ml size tanks and a set of five atomizers.


A couple of the key features on the VaporFi Rocket tank are the airflow control and the ability to recharge using a USB charging cable. This will allow you to charge in the car, or use the wall-charging adaptor to have it charge overnight.

What you will find in the starter kitVaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

The starter kit includes the following:

  • User manual
  • Five atomizers
  • Wall charging adaptor
  • Cable to charge via USB
  • Rocket Tank that controls the airflow
  • 1600 mAh battery


You will not get any e-liquids with the starter kit, so you will want to make sure you purchase one as well. They have a wide variety to select from, but it is a setback that it is not included in the kit.

What you need to know about the specifications

The tank’s capacity is 2.5ml and is limited to 71mm. This will make it easy to carry either in your hand or pocket. It also comes in two colors, black or stainless steel. The atomizer is a bottom atomizer and has a 1.8ohm resistance. The batteries capacity is 1600 MAH, so you will have a lot of life prior to charging.

VaporFi Rocket Starter KitVerdict

In conclusion, the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit is a great kit for everyone. The contents are well-rounded and they ensure you are ready to go without having to miss any time vaping. The only thing VaporFi could have done better with this kit is offering the ability to select at least one e-liquid flavor so there would be no need for additional pieces to start.

Watch a video on the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

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