VaporFi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow Review


Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow Vape Juice

If you are a fan of super fruity, fresh vape juice flavors, the all new VaporFi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow is a perfect choice for you. It features a super strong pineapple punch on the front end followed by a slightly sweet melon and hibiscus tail that balances everything out. Many people may think that pineapple is just too tart or strong to make a great vape, but VaporFi has done a wonderful job of making this flavor smooth from start to finish. 


By its very nature, pineapple is often very acidic and hits the tongue with almost unnatural force. It is one of the strongest, most recognized flavors in the world. But while many companies have tried to capture that acidity and tanginess, VaporFi knows that sweet, juicy pineapple actually has a really complex, refreshing flavor if you can just get past that first hit. That’s what makes it fit so well with melons and other fruits. The lesson: the first hit really is going to be a “Pow,” but if you wait just a minute you will start to taste all the depth of the flavor unfolding. 


If juicy fruit flavor is what you’re after, you’re in the right place with the VaporFi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow. However, this is also a great choice for making clouds and to get a really full mouth and throat feel. It feels light and billowy while you’re vaping it and you won’t be disappointed by the cloud production at all. 

VaporFi did a really great job with their new Grand Reserve line. The Pineapple Pow is just one piece of their puzzle, showcasing their fruit renditions. They also have the Meringue O Tang dessert flavor featuring lemon meringue pie, and Catch Ya Latte rounding things out with a savory coffee flavor.

While VaporFi has been in the e-liquid game for quite a while, this all new Grand Reserve line is taking things to a completely different level, and is really making them stand out for higher quality ingredients and impressive versatility in the face of so many dessert- and fruit-flavor competitors. They are taking risks on flavors that other people may not be willing to try, and they are knocking it out of the park. No matter what you like, make sure you give the Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow a shot and see just how much you can love pineapple. 

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