VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol Cartridges Review


A review of VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol Cartridges

When smoking electronic cigarettes I found myself going through phases as I got used to them. Like a lot of people I went with flavors I couldn’t get in traditional cigarettes such as coffee and exotic fruit flavors and blends. After that experimental phase that everyone seems to go through I decided to try more traditional flavor cartridges that mimicked the old school tobacco cigarettes I used to smoke. Menthols are an old favorite of mine so I decided to give the VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol Cartridges a try.VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol Cartridges


Two main pros come to mind. First off when that flavor hits your mouth you know its a menthol. It tastes ‘right’ if you catch my meaning. By that I mean it doesn’t come across as a cheap imitation or trying to taste like menthol it is menthol. I really couldn’t tell the difference between it and a menthol cigarette. So top score for the taste and flavor it was crisp, smooth, and powerful. Secondly, you can pick both your strength level and your flavor level. That means you can have everything from a light flavored ultra light blend to a triple shot flavored cartridge that smokes like an unfiltered cigarette and everything in between. That degree of flexibility is awesome and can make for a wide range of combinations.


Now while I’ve gone over the advantages of the Mighty Menthol cartridges I do feel the need to highlight one thing some would consider a con. The flavoring is very strong. Now a lot of people like this but some could be put off if they’re used to milder flavorings. But remember you can control the strength level of what you order. So if you’re unsure if you’ll like a strong taste (or are used to milder stuff) get a single shot instead of a double or a triple when you pick your flavor strength. You can always buy a stronger shot later if you find the single not packing in enough punch.VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol


In summation the Mighty Menthol cartridges from VaporFi Express are a good purchase if you like menthol flavored cigarettes or e-cigs. The taste is smooth, crisp, and minty and if you really enjoyed traditional menthol cigarettes you should really enjoy this. If I had to attach an overall rating I’d say its a thumbs up will buy again from me.

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