VaporFi & Cosmic Fog’s Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie Review


Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie E-liquid

In the ultimate combination of two of America’s top e-liquid manufacturers, VaporFi and Cosmic Fog came together to create a one-of-a-kind flavor that will blow your mind. Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is fresh out of the oven and here to take you on a journey unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

Flavorful Greatness

When you take your first hit of Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie you will be entranced by the warmth of soft baked apples, rolled in cinnamon and coated with caramel. As you exhale you will find the buttery, flaky flavor of pie crust holding it all together.

The minds at VaporFi and Cosmic Fog have really gone above and beyond to bring all of the richness of real apple pie into this e-liquid with a complex range of flavors that unfold drip by drip. The apples themselves appear to be a perfect blend of juicy reds with mildly tart greens.

The most impressive part is that the freshness of the pie remains whether it’s your first hit or your 100th. It’s like every time you vape, a new pie was put in the oven just for you. It never gets old. 

The Deliveryvaporfi-grandmas-dutch-apple-pie-crafted-by-cosmic-fog-e-liquid

Of course, the brilliance behind this fantastic e-liquid didn’t stop with the chemistry. You will find Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie packaged in its very own slice of cardboard heaven. The adorable pie shaped box contains a quality 30 ml bottle of the juice inside. 

This is another 70% VG blend in the dessert market, but it definitely stands out from the rest for quality and fullness of flavor. There are few other e-liquids out there that have such a satisfyingly complete combination of ingredients. 

Both VaporFi and Cosmic Fog have independently impressed the world with their amazing e-liquids over the last few years. This is their second team effort, creating a flavor that really pushes the limits of how we vape.

Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is more than just a dessert vape, though; it is an all-time favorite that anyone can fall in love with. Given the fact that both of the flavors created by this team have hit it out of the park, we look forward to more creativity and ingenuity in the years to come.

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