VaporFi Caramel Tobacco Vape Juice Review


VaporFi Caramel Tobacco

Fans of tobacco-flavored vape juices can celebrate the announcement of the all new VaporFi Caramel Tobacco. This is a thick, sultry tobacco flavor with creamy sweet caramel blend. It is the perfect fit for someone who loves the warmth of rich tobacco, but also wants to bring in some of the sugary goodness of a mild dessert-type vape. 

The Right Mix

Maybe you want something light and airy with just a touch of dark tobacco on the back end, or maybe you want a thick tobacco flavor with just a hint of caramel underneath. Whatever your preference, VaporFi has already created four versions of Caramel Tobacco so you can choose from heavy tobacco to heavy caramel and everything in between. You can also opt to add a single, double or triple shot for an added taste boost, but it is recommended to try out the original blends first to get a full feel for the flavors. 

Fantastic CloudsVaporfi Caramel Tobacco vape juice

VaporFi allows you to choose your blend between 50/50, 70/30 and Max VG. While this does have some influence on flavor, it has a much greater influence on the type of clouds you get out of the juice.

You won’t be disappointed to find that this particular e-liquid provides bountiful clouds for you to sculpt and play with. This liquid goes down like a dream and you couldn’t ask for a fuller, more enjoyable experience.

Love It

Not only is VaporFi Caramel Tobacco a delicious tasting vape, there is also plenty to love about the price. At just $16 a bottle, this vape juice is far less expensive than some of the other premium brands, but still provides a high quality experience unlike any other.

VaporFi’s master chemists have been working tirelessly to expand their e-liquid options and bring you even more fantastic flavors with plenty of personalized blending options. 

Even if you’re not a big fan of regular tobacco vapes, VaporFi Caramel Tobacco is a horse of another color. It is the perfect balance between dusky tobacco and light, airy caramel. It’s a savory almost dessert vape, that isn’t overpowering in one direction or the other. That makes it the perfect choice for your early morning routine or your afternoon chill time. Just give it a shot and you’re sure to discover that it’s the perfect match for you. 


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