VaporFi Air Starter Kit Review


A review of the VaporFi Air Starter Kit

While many vapers revel in the large batteries and outlandish looking cartridges that characterize other brands like the Marlboro and Moon Mountain brands, the good people at vaporFi have taken a different approach to their electronic cigarette kits. For example, their VaporFi Air Starter Kit is discreet, convenient and comfortable to use but still packs a significant nicotine wallop. The kit comes with everything you need to start vaping except for the particular eJuice that is sold separately. The kit includes the mouthpiece, a replaceable air cartomizer – the cartridge where the eJuice is placed – as well as a robust 350 mAh Battery to power the whole thing. In addition, you’ll receive a USB charging cable for use on the road as well as a standard charger to keep at home.

ProsVaporFi Air Starter Kit

I was very impressed with the smooth draw on this vaporizer, In fact, I kind of preferred it to that of traditional cigarettes. Another benefit is the wide range of eJuice flavors available. I started with the tobaccos – the Cuban Cigar is still a favorite – but I drifted over to the fruit flavors whenever I was in mixed company or out in public for the sake of decorum.


My complaints about the VaporFi Air Starter Kit are somewhat arbitrary and don’t really reflect on the true quality of the product. First, I wasn’t crazy about the menthol flavors but that’s just personal preference. Second, as a regular smoker, I was miffed when the battery ran out after twelve hours of almost constant use. I know that that complaint is splitting hairs and will make no difference to the casual smoker but it might be worthwhile for the regular smoker to upgrade to a kit with a second battery. I checked, they are really quite affordable. So, my bad.

The Bottom Line

The VaporFi Air Starter Kit is a ideal, starter vaping kit for the occasional smoker who likes to keep his smoking on the QT. Small and long-lasting – at least for those who don’t chain smoke – it’s an affordable way to rid yourself of traditional cigarettes.

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