VaporBoost Clementine E-Liquid Tastes Oh So Sweet


VaporBoost Clementine E-Liquid Flavor Review

Okay, so first off, I have to say I love oranges, so when I heard about VaporBoost’s Clementine E-liquid flavor I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve been using e-cigarettes and vaping for about two years and haven’t really tried many new flavors except for the regular Tobacco (I was a former smoker). But as a child who grew up near orange groves, the idea of having a clementine flavored equip sounded good to me.

The Bottle

I don’t use the heavy nicotine options, so I picked out the 6mg Ultralights to keep the nicotine to a low level. The loading up on my e-cigarette was easy enough with the bottle’s really well made dripper.

VaporBoost Clementine E-Liquid

The Flavor

My first puff was really subtle, I mean, I noticed the orange flavor but it didn’t come on strong. It wasn’t until around my third or fourth puff where I really started to get the citrusy taste in the vaping. When it came in, it was mellow and really just slipped in like a subtle perfume and orange flavor. I liked this. Because I don’t like over powering E-liquid flavors, the fact the VaporBoost Clementine E-Liquid was a lot more subtle than strong made it a favorite of mine. Reminds me of picking fresh clementines from the groves where I grew up.

The Quality

The liquid itself has a very distinct and powerful smell of orange and citrus so I wasn’t prepared when I opened the bottle for that. If anything, I was expecting the vaping experience to be an overly sweet and powerful experience, but like I found, it was the opposite. VaporBoost has really made a great flavor with this one. I keep it around and I find I use it more than I thought. I usually fill my cigarette once a day with the VaporBoost Clementine E-Lquid Flavor. That’s a good recommendation if there ever was.

The Conclusion

My VaporBoost Clementine E-Liquid Review is a thumb’s up and go for it. The citrus tinges along with the very obvious but mellow and subtle clementine orange flavor makes it a standard for my vape. Give this one a try. If you like orange and citrus my bet is you’re going to like it as much as I do.

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