VaporBoost Tobacco and Nuts Flavor E-liquid


An E-liquid Review of VaporBoost’s Tobacco and Nuts

Being an ex-cigarette smoker, I still love the taste of a real tobacco smoke. I’ve been vaping now for about a year and a half and I have experimented with all sorts of flavors and liquids. A friend turned me onto the VaporBoost Tobacco and Nuts flavor telling me he thought it was the most realistic and most like a real cigarette he had ever used with his vaping device.

VaporBoost Tobacco and Nuts E-liquid

First Thoughts

I was skeptical but gave it a try. It was easy loading my device with the dripper provided with the bottle and there were no leaks or wasted liquid, always a plus. It was when I took my first puff that I was convinced my friend was right. The VaporBoost Tobacco and Nuts flavor just tasted and smelled like my old faves, real cigarettes. If I didn’t know I was taping I would have sworn I was lighting up an old fashioned smoke. It is that good. You have that toasted tobacco flavor right off the bat. After a few more puffs I started to get a nutty taste, kind of reminding me of when I was about halfway through a regular smoke how it would begin to start tasting nutty as it burned down.

Go to Flavor

Ever since I tried this, the Tobacco and Nut flavor has become my go-to flavor of choice. It is really my “standard vape” now, and I only go for the other flavors when I want a little different taste or I go to a party. The Tobacco and Nut is just like my old cigarettes and I like that. It’s the closest to my old real smokes I have come and that makes it my favorite. Add in I can smoke them in a lot of places that I can’t smoke my old real cigarettes and it is win-win for me with the Tobacco and Nut flavor.


I got the 10ml bottle when I first tried it but I liked it so much I now get the 50ml bottles to save a little money and still keep me going with that awesome vaping flavor. This is the one for me.

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