Vape Pink Cookie Butter Review


Vape Pink Cookie Butter E-liquid

Vape Pink Cookie Butter is the latest and greatest oatmeal cookie e-liquid to grace us with it’s flavorful goodness. This is just like grandma’s recipe, featuring soft gooey oatmeal blended with a soft cinnamon sugar base. Imagine eating these cookies hot out of the oven surrounded by family, enjoying the sweet aroma of baked brown sugar. 

The Softest Cookies Around

The joy of eating oatmeal cookies is the fact that they almost always keep a soft center that crumbles apart as you eat them, releasing all of the delicious spices and ingredients in the mix. In this case, when you first take a hit of the Vape Pink Cookie Butter juice, you immediately get a sugary sweet cookie flavor that melts into a buttery, milky middle note. Then the cinnamon and brown sugar comes in on the backside, tying it all together perfectly. There are so many layers to this cookie vape, you will have to try it to see them all for yourself. 

Mixing it Up

Vape Pink is notorious for their VG heavy blends, and Cookie Butter is no different. With 70% VG, it offers big clouds and even better flavor. The underlying sweetness of the VG plays nicely with the subtle brown sugar that makes this vape so magical. Every single time you take a hit it’s like full on cookies from start to finish. Even people who don’t typically go for dessert flavors can appreciate the mellow nature of oatmeal cookies.

The 60 mL bottle for $23 is a fantastic deal, giving you nearly twice as much liquid as some of the premium brands at the same price. It’s a great value for any vaper, and a seriously tempting deal for those who just want to try something new and different. 

Overall, we give Vape Pink Cookie Butter a big thumbs up for doing such a great job at capturing the perfect blend of flavors that make up a delicious oatmeal cookie. There is nothing like fresh baked cookies right out of the oven. Vape Pink delivered with this one all the way, and now you can try it for yourself as well! 

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