Vape Pink Chew Review


Vape Pink Chew E-liquid

You love the taste of pink candy, but you don’t really know why. The new Vape Pink Chew e-liquid is just that. It’s hard to describe even as anything but pink, but we were willing to give it a shot.

What Does a Color Taste Like?

The name Vape Pink Chew actually leads you to believe that this e-liquid tastes like bubblegum. This is partially true. At least, you can definitely taste the super sweet sugary base that makes up the majority of the flavor, very similar to bubblegum. However, that candy center gives way to more of a fruity flavor. It’s like you’re chewing that bright pink bubblegum and all the sudden your mouth is full of juicy ripe strawberries. It’s unexpected, and the name certainly doesn’t hint at the secret hidden within. 


Despite the fact that many bubblegum candy flavors are entirely too sweet to vape all day long, Vape Pink did a great job of toning this one down just enough to make it an all day vape. You don’t get worn out on it as fast as other candy flavors, and the accuracy of the strawberry flavor on the back end is really quite nice. The 30/70 VG blend makes it a light and airy flavor to vape with tons of clouds. 

Vape Pink Chew really deserves a round of applause for its quality. When you see that insanely pink little bottle, you will immediately realize that Vape Pink was serious about creating a crazy flavor that represents everything you could ever imagine the color pink tasting like. It’s bright, it’s fruity, it’s super sweet, and yet it is mild enough to not send you running for the hills. It is definitely an oddball among the other candy and fruit flavors out there, but it should not be underestimated. Vape Pink is cooking up greatness, and if all of their flavors are equally impressive, they will soon be a household name among all the rest of the major e-liquid manufacturers. We dare you to give it a shot and tell us what you think about Chew. 

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