Upgrade with a South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank and Reap the Benefits


South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank

South Beach Smoke has one of the best designed vaporizers on the market. It is nearly impossible to find something, in my opinion, that is constructed better. The stainless steel design and leak-proof customization is unlike anything I have used. Plus, it makes it possible to upgrade features of the system that other tanks do not. One such tank option is the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank. I recently dropped the money on this tank and I must say I am rather impressed by the overall quality. Now, it does not provide a bigger tank than the default, which is probably my only complaint, but in general, it is a nice improvement on the basic design.South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank

The general specs of the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank are:

– 1.7 ML tank

– 1.8 OHM atomizer

– Bottom coil tank


As I mentioned earlier, the 1.7 ml tank is that standard size that comes with most South Beach Smoke vaporizers. The new South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank does not provide a larger than that what I already had, but it did provide an improve functionality to prevent leaks and to improve the air flow into the tank. Some other tanks I have used are not air-tight, and while this does not necessarily lead to leaks, it does reduce the direct air flow into the tank, which is rather frustrating. This is not a problem with the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank, so I do give it might marks on that.


The only downside with the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank, outside of it maintaining the same general size is the fact that I have found other replacement tanks that are far less. The south Beach Smoke line tend to cost more than the average vaporizer, but this is due to this highlighted design and improved material. This still remains true, but I have used others that are built out of a solid glass material that does not crack or break, with these other options costing a third of the South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank.


While the Thunder Tank does cost more, it’s an excellent upgrade, which is why I give it a 4.2 out of 5.

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