Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA Review


The Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA is another step in the right direction for Flawless and their amazing RDA setups. It includes all of the great features that made the first generation Tugboat a huge hit, along with further developments that make this new model a thoroughly enjoyable vape.

Getting Started

First of all, the Tugboat V2 comes in four parts, allowing for extremely simple disassembly and reassembly in no time at all. From the three post deck to the drip tip and sleeve, Flawless has delivered a smooth and easy-to-use RDA again. It maintains the deep juice well of the previous design and the copper conductor core, giving you a sustainable and reliable conductivity, but it also offers a more variable experience. There are now more airflow holes allowing you to adjust the intensity of your vape at the barrel for either a limited flow or a one sided approach. 

Quality Build

One of the most remarkable qualities of the Tugboat V2 is how sturdy it feels in your hand. This thing was not built cheaply. It won’t be easily dented or damaged, and all of the pieces are precision fit to one another with a couple of O-rings. There is no room for movement or leaks in this device at all. It comes in one of three varieties: shiny stainless steel, brushed or matte finish, so it has a touch of class along with its strong construction. 

510 connection

It is worth noting that the 510 connection on the Tugboat V2 can present a challenge for some as it is longer than other similar RDAs. Most people will be able to adjust their devices accordingly to work with this connection, but be prepared to do that before you can really put it to the test.

Adjustable Airflow

In addition, this RDA really is built for flavor. The adjustments to the airflow are designed to allow you to shift between light and airy to really thick and intense. The V2 certainly can produce impressive clouds in its own right, but Flawless definitely seemed to be putting flavor at the forefront of their efforts with this one. If clouds are what you’re after, there are already several aftermarket caps out there to enhance your experience. 

Ringing in at just under $90, there’s a lot to be said about the high quality construction and versatility of this RDA.  

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