The VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank is High-End for a Low Price


VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank Review

When I first saw the VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank, I immediately assumed it would be out of my price range, due to the beautifully crafted, stainless steel construction and glass tank. It just looked too high-end for me to afford. I was about to continue looking on for something else when I looked at the price tag. I really couldn’t believe what I saw, as the price tag came in probably have of what I assumed it would be. Let’s just say I purchased it on the spot and have been happy ever since. The truly attractive construction of the VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank helps set it apart, but the price is what makes it one of a kind.

Some of the additional benefits of purchasing the VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank include:

– 2.5 ml tank

– Leak proof

– Built for heavy use

Vaporfi Platinum Clearomizer TankTank Size

The larger 2.5 ml tank is a nice upgrade to the 1.3 ml tank that came with my entry level vaporizer. I can now fit in several hundred more puffs per refill, so it really is possible for me to essentially make it through an entire week without actually filling up my vaporizer. I am not a heavy user, but I do enjoy my liquid nicotine fix from time to time throughout the day, and not needing to refill it every other day is a nice bonus with the VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank.

Design and Construction

The high end construction is designed for both heavy use and is leak proof. This is something most traditional, entry-level vaporizers are not able to claim. Many of the plastic vaporizers are rather frail and can break down without much use. Although these other vaporizers are extremely cheap, you get what you pay for, which means you end up buying multiple tanks to last. With this, while the price tag is slightly more, I have been using the VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank for a year and I have not had the need to go out and replace it at all. It comes with me in all sorts of weather, so even the extreme cold temperatures does not cause the metal to flux and begin to leak, making this truly the best.

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