The VaporFi Express Starter Kit is the Perfect Entry into Vaporizers


Inside the VaporFi Express Starter Kit

I have to admit that when I switched from traditional cigarettes to new vaporizers, I really didn’t know what to look for. From tank size and bottom coils to the flavors and charging, it really was all Greek to me. That is why I decided to go with a starter kit. I figured that a starter kit would give me everything I needed and not leave me scratching my head in order to figure out what to do. After looking at all of the different vaporizers on the market, I settled for the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit, and I am incredibly happy with the purchase.

VaporFi Express Starter Kit

There are many different features and products that come with the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit. Some of these products include:

– Standard Express Battery

– High-Capacity Express Battery

– USB wall charger and wall adapter

 VaporFi Express Starter Kit BatteriesBatteries and Charging

It was really nice that the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit came with two different kinds of batteries. The high-capacity battery is 280 Mah, while the standard battery is 180 Mah. This way. I am able to quickly and easily swap in a new battery, should the old battery fail me. Of course, the USB charging feature is really a great option. After all, I’m around something with USB power almost at all times of the day. I can hook it up to my cell phone charger at home, should I forget my charger at work, or I can use the car charger or even plug it into the USB port on my computer system (in a pinch, it is actually possible to plug it into the USB port on the back of a television to charge, if it really comes down to it).

VaporFi Express Starter Kit


Now, I did have to purchase the profiled cartridges separately, but this is fine because I really did not know what sort of flavors to go with, as now there are many more options than just standard and menthol (or filtered). Now, I can not only select the right kind of flavor for me but I can also adjust the level of nicotine I require as well. All of this has resulted in me completely falling in love with the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit cigarettes.

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