The Tasty Java Jolt Cartridge


A review of the Java Jolt cartridge for Blu e-cigarettes

Blu’s Java Jolt cartridge tastes remarkably similar to a coffee bean. It smells almost as good as it tastes, and makes me feel like I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. Although some flavors have a much lighter and ambiguous flavor, there is no mistaking the bold flavor of the Java Jolt. The cartridge works with the original and premium rechargeable packs. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with the Premium 100.


Part of the reason I enjoy the Java Jolt Cartridge is because the Blu Premium Rechargeable kit is designed so well. It provides a great vaporizing experience. The e-cigarette comes in a cigarette box that holds five different cartridges. I can bring the box with me and always have extra cartridges handy. It also makes charging easier; I can simply plug in the box and charge on the go. Running out of a charge or cartridges is no longer something I worry about when I’m out for an extended period of time.

Blu Java Jolt Flavor CartridgesTaste

The vapor and flavor production produced by the Blu Premium is smooth yet strong. It’s great for beginners looking to transition from making the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaporizing. There is no tank and battery assembly to worry about since the cartridges are pre-filled, and you can just start vaporizing right away. There is also a wide selection of cartridge flavors to choose from. Even though I love the java jolt, it’s nice to have other options too.


Using a large and popular company like Blu has many benefits. They really know what a customer wants in an e-cigarette, and their customer support is very efficient. They have a large selection of certain products, including many different cartridge flavors. I’m even able to connect with other Blu users by with the built-in social feature. I get an alert when there is another Blu e-cigarette user nearby.


The Blu Java Jolt cartridge makes an already pleasurable experience even better. I love the coffee-house flavor, and recommend it to any java drinkers.

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