The Halo E-Cigs Triton Tank Starter Kit is Everything a New Electronic Cig Convert Wants


Halo Triton Starter Kit Review

Making the switch over to electronic cigarettes is a different task for many people. As someone who has been using electronic cigs for a few years now, I often receive the question from my other smoking friends about what they should get and what would make it easiest. I almost always point them to something like the Halo E-Cigs Demon Red Triton Tank E-Cig Starter Kit. This starter kit provides them with everything they need, without requiring them to purchase other material.


When purchasing the Halo E-Cigs Demon Red Triton Tank E-Cig Starter Kit, it comes with:Halo E-Cigs Demon Red Triton Tank Starter Kit

– 2 Crystal Clear Tanks

– 2 Batteries

– 1 35mm Cone

– 1 Wall Charger and USB Adapter

– 1 Case

The Look

The first thing I believe that stands out with the Halo Triton Tank E-Cig Starter Kit is the overall look. It has a deep, almost sinister red color to it that I completely love. Plus, the glowing red light on the tank looks like something out of the future (or HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey). Of course, beyond the amazing look are some extremely nice features as well.


One thing I enjoyed when switching to electronic cigarettes is the ability to ditch the lighter. Now, the e-cigs do require charging, but the batteries last for several days, and with the provided wall charger and USB adapter, it is possible to hook it up to almost anywhere. I can hook it up on my way to work, and even at the office if I notice the power is running low, I just pop it into the USB port on my computer system. For anyone who is away from a power outlet or USB port though, the Halo Triton Tank E-Cig Starter Kit does come with two batteries, which makes it easy to swap in the replacement charge and continue enjoying the e-cig.


The Halo E-Cigs  Triton Tank Starter Kit is something I do recommend to all of my cigarette smoking friends as it makes the conversion over from traditional smoking cigarettes easy.

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