The Cigavette Premiere Light E-Cig Starter Kit is Everything in One Package


Cigavette Premiere Light E-Cig Starter Kit

I have always been a fan of starter kits when testing out different brands. While I have been using e-cigs for a few years now, if there is a new brand I want to experience with, I tend to gravitate towards the starter kits. It is just easier that way and I know it includes everything I need to get going with the new brand. The Cigavette Premiere Light E-Cig Starter Kit is one of the more recent starter kits I’ve introduced myself to, and I must say it really is a nice package for the price. There are other packages out there that might cost three times the amount and come with the same amount of items, so for anyone who is new to e-cigs and looking for a quality, inexpensive starter kit, I completely recommend the Cigavette Premiere Light E-Cig Starter Kit.Cigavette Premiere Light E-Cig Starter Kit

Some available features on the starter kit include:

– Two batteries with wall charger

– Choice of flavored juice and strength

– Carrying Case

– 2 Cartridges with LED Flame

LED Flame

I do want to point out the rather interesting LED flame on the two cartridges that come with it. This basically is just a light that fades in and out around the cartridge when inhaling off of the device. This is actually a feature I rather like. I know when I switched to e-cigs, one of the more odd feelings was to not have that orange burn on the end of my device. With this LED flame, it kind of eases the transitions and makes it feel more natural. It is a small feature but something I do rather enjoy.

Selection Options

Some starter kits simply package a specific flavor and strength so it is not possible to choose. For some this might keep it easy when selecting the starter kit, but one of the big reasons to make the switch to an e-cig is the ability to swap in different flavors and strength levels, and the ability to choose between a handful of options here is another nice feature. After all, not everyone wants the same level of strength or enjoys the same flavor or tobacco in their cigarettes.

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