Sweet and Soothing with VaporBoost’s Peppermint Delight E-Liquid


Review of VaporBoost’s Peppermint Delight

One of the major selling points for me to move from traditional cigarettes over to electronic cigarettes was the ability to try out different flavors easily. The liquid options make it so simple, which just is not an option with traditional cigs. This way, I can enjoy a variation of flavors, all without needing to go out and purchase expensive equipment or large packs of cigarettes. One of my favorites is the VaporBoost Peppermint Delight E-Liquid.

Exceptional Blend

The e-liquid is sweet, but it is not over the top to the point where my teeth hurt. It is just the right level of sweet, without going overboard, which I really like. I have tried other peppermints from different manufacture and the over the head sweetness level makes it taste just far too fake and artificial to me. The taste is extremely desirable and, probably best of all, the vapor is extremely pleasing. It does not clog up or barely breathe. The vapor is thin enough to make it easy to inhale, yet thick enough to remain and linger in the air for a second, bringing a nice aroma to the room. Sometimes I tell friends that I don’t even need air freshers in my home. I just need to use my Peppermint Delight.

VaporBoost Peppermint Delight

Important Facts about the Peppermint Delight

Now, for anyone who is curious, I always point to these important factors regarding the VaporBoost Peppermint Delight e-liquid:

– Made in the United States

– Created by biochemists and culinary masters to ensure quality nicotine and flavor, all at the same time.

– Pharmaceutical grade products, to provide the highest quality and purity.

– Comes pre-steeped, so the liquid is ready as soon as you receive it and no priming is required.

– Uses a dark bottle, which prevents light from deteriorating the quality and flavor of the liquid

– No tobacco is used. This allows for the purest ingestion of nicotine, without the harmful side effects of tobacco.

Final Thoughts

In general, I find this product not only is refreshing but tastes great too, but it is a quality offering as well that I can taste. Plus, going completely tobacco free gives me some peace of mind, as I can still receive my nicotine without suffering consequences.

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