Style and Class with the iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition E-Cig


Review of the iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition

It is difficult trying to find a vaporizer that is different from everything else on the market. These different vaporizers on the market are all basically the same color, share the same shape and the design is basically the same as well. I tend to try and be different from everyone else, which is why I went with the iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition E-Cig. These vaporizers look different from what is already out there, and the solid construction really is what sets it apart. It has the same top and mouthpiece as what is out there on most designs, but the body, which looks like a small, rectangular camera, shows off an intricate design that I have not found anywhere else at all.

There are many different features of the iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition E-Cig that I like, which includes:

– Variable Voltage and WattageiTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition

– Several Design Changes

– Battery Level Indicator

– Puff Counter


With the Innokin iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition E-Cig, it has different design looks and feels that are unlike anything else on the market. The flat shape of the body allows it to have a unique design as it does have more space. This includes two different Day of the Dead skeletons, snowflakes, a butterfly and intersecting cross sections.

Variable Voltage/Wattage

The variable voltage and wattage is nice, as it is possible to charge the iTaste MPV 2.0 Shine Edition E-Cig with almost any sort of power connection. After all, not all charges use the same amount of power. I’ve known people who accidentally connected their vaporizers to a tablet charger, only to find out it blew out the battery. With this though, it can take voltage ranging from 3.3 to 5.0 volts in .1 increments and wattage from 6.0 to 11.0 in .5 increments.

Battery Features

The battery level indicator and puff counter are nice features as well. It counts how many puffs I have taken, so I know exactly how many more I can have before a refill. Plus, the battery level indicator shows off through an LED light. The green light means it is fully charged, a yellow light means it is half charged, and red means it needs a charge.

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