Stand Out From the Crowd With the South Beach Smoke Curve Tank


South Beach Smoke Curve Tank Review and Specs

The South Beach Smoke Curve Tank immediately caught my eye for two different reasons: the colors and the shape. While I have seen other colorful vaporizers before, it is the sheer shape of the design that is different from anything else I have used or seen before. The nice curve of the design takes the fatter base of the South Beach Smoke Curve Tank down to a thinner point. This way, it makes for not only a beautiful design, but a comfortable mouth piece, so I am not forced to open my mouth wider to accommodate a larger tank. Of course, the shape of the South Beach Smoke Curve Tank is not the only benefits that I received when purchased the vaporizer tank.South Beach Smoke Curve Tank

Some of the other nice features of the South Beach Smoke Curve Tank include:

– Seven different colors

– 2.2 ml tank

– Bottom Coil Tank


The South Beach Smoke Curve Tank has a rather nicely sized 2.2 ml tank. I have found that most entry level vaporizers come with a 1.3 to 1.7 sized tank. While this size of tank is fine in general, there are going to be times where it runs out faster, such as when I am out all day during the weekends and sharing the vaporizer with friends (kind of like a communal hookah). When I do this, the tank empties out quicker, but by having almost double, or at least 50 percent more than a standard tank, it helps ensure I am always able to make it through until I can refill it without having to actually walk around with multiple refills at all times.


The seven different colors is a nice option to have as well. This includes green, blue, gray, black, purple, red and orange. The colors are bright and bold, and there is just something fun about using it out in the open. For people who have never seen a vaporizer before, they immediately look into what I am doing, and for those who have, they instantly comment not only on the shape, but the bright and fun colors that are different from what they are use to.

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