Space Jam E-Liquids Review


Space Jam E-Liquids

Most people who have switched to vaping over traditional cigarettes realize that variety is, indeed, the spice of life. This is why we prefer to enjoy thousands of flavors as opposed to the menthol and non-menthol options provided by traditional cigarettes. The only drawback I’ve ever found with buying e-liquids was the tiny bottle sizes that most companies offer. If I order 30 ml, it usually comes in at least two different bottles and it feels like I’m being charged for extra packaging. However, I found the remedy to this issue when I began to shop with Space Jam

Vaping with Space Jam E-Liquids

While the name sounds like something from another galaxy, it actually refers to a popular brand of e-liquids. Each flavor bears an equally cosmic name, and the flavors are out of this world! I prefer a more floral taste, so Andromeda is my favorite by this company. This is actually the name of the galaxy closest to the Milky Way, but Space Jam’s product with the same name consists of pomegranate and blueberry flavors. 

I also really like their Astro flavor that features the tastes of apples and strawberries. It’s not quite as sweet as Andromeda, but fans of fruit-flavored vape juices should give it a try. My brother is still new to vaping, and he prefers Space Jam’s Eclipse flavor. This liquid has a taste of traditional tobacco, but I find it to be too harsh. I guess, I’m more middle of the road, because my sister prefers the flavor of the Pluto e-liquid. It tastes like watermelon candy which is a little too sweet for me, but she swears by it. I think Pluto is good for someone who didn’t initially smoke cigarettes or for someone who just has a sweet tooth. 

Why I Choose Space Jam E-Liquids

Unlike other manufacturers, Space Jam has one universal fee for all of their products which is $22. When we go to place an order we don’t need a calculator, and we save on shipping by all ordering together. While I still use other vape juices, the mostly floral flavors of Space Jam are among my all-time favorites. Most cloud chasers enjoy the hobby, because it gives them a variety of choices. This variety is increased when we purchase the mixed flavors of Space Jam e-liquids

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