South Beach Smoke – Storm Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit review


South Beach Smoke Storm Starter Kit Review

Shopping around for new vaporizers can be tricky. With so many different products for sale on the market, knowing which one to buy is often difficult. Plus, there are all sorts of different price points, as vaporizers range in value all over the place, not to mention actually finding material that works for someone who has not used such a device before. I know when I started trying to find the right vaporizer for my own personal needs I really did not know what to go with. I bounced around between different vaporizers and found that the starter kits are perfect for experimentation. Of all the different starter kits, I really believe the South Beach Smoke Storm Starter Kit is the best of the best, especially for how much it costs.


The South Beach Storm Starter Kit has a price of right around $50, which is a nice offering for a starter kit. While there are some starter kits that go for less, this features a beautiful LCD screen along the side, showing much more power is left in the battery. There is a non-LCD based option as well for a few dollars less, but in my opinion, I really do find that it is an excellent value for not a lot of money.

South Beach Smoke Storm Kit

Inside the Kit

Inside of the package it comes with a single tank and battery, USB charger with a wall adapter and two atomizers. With the USB charger, it makes it easy to always have a full battery. I can either plug it into the wall adapter or even hook it up to my cell phone charger if I do not have the actual charger with me. With the help of the USB port, it is possible to hook it up to a computer or really anything else that produces power through a USB port.

Color Options

Also, for anyone who is looking for a vaporizer that comes in a variety of colors, this is a great buy, because it does not just come in red, blue or other traditional colors, but it has a rather cool looking camo option as well. For anyone who wants a solid, entry level kit, this is a desirable option.

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