South Beach Smoke Lemon Apple Candy Crush E-Liquid Review


Lemon Apple Candy Crush

It may sound a bit silly, but the Lemon Apple Candy Crush flavor from South Beach really lit my interest. Too often I’ve tried products that promised to deliver the flavor on the package, and too often I was disappointed. But this product nails it! While vaping, I can enjoy the crisp and refreshing sensation, as well as flavor, of lemons and apples as though they were picked up from the candy rack of an old country five and dime store.

South Beach Smoke Lemon Apple Candy Crush E-liquidTaste

The flavor starts off subtly to bring you into the experience, then intensifies like an old familiar friend’s conversation. It’s so wonderful, in fact, that I almost seem to able to curb my sweet tooth for a bit while enjoying the experience.

Lemon Zest Vaping

I had chosen the Lemon Apple Candy Crush initially based on reputation, and asking around from my friends what they though would be the best flavor to go with. More than most suggested this one. The liquid is readily available in my local stores, as well as directly through the website in case I am unable to find it.


I’ve experimented with a few other choices in the past, I’ll admit, but this is definitely the flavor I’m sticking with as my first choice. The Lemon Candy Crush provides a great flavor-packed experience with honest and true pizzazz. If my mood changes, there are more than enough refill possibilities to allow me mix and match. In fact, I’m hearing rumors of folks mixing their own vaping flavors using the Lemon Apple Candy Crush as the base. I’m happy now with my choice as the straight standard, but maybe one of these days I’ll start a bit of mixology myself with this as the base, taking the crisp and refreshing flavor of zest and melding it with a tart after taste of something like a cherry or other fruity liquid. There’s something attractive about the idea.

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