Reviewing South Beach Smoke E-Liquid


South Beach Smoke E-Liquid Review

I love and highly recommend South Beach Smoke! They are one of the most popular brands and I can see why. They’ve been around for awhile, and seem to have really found that vapers really want out of their e-cigs and vaporizers. They’re sleek and beautiful, and customizable to boot!They have great service and support, and will always make sure you’re satisfied. Total win for us! I picked my favorite features from South Beach Smoke, to tell you a bit why I love them so much. Flavors, Nicotine options, and customization.South Beach Smoke E-liquid


So crazy how many flavors they have!!! You can even make your own blends. So.freaking.rad. If you want to mix mango and banana, you can do it. Want a bit of cheesecake? They’ll give you one with blueberries. If you’re a whisky lover, they have those flavors for you, too. The options are almost literally endless.

Nicotine Options

Everyone has their fave, and I stick with 12mg. I used to go the full 24mg! But, they have 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg to satisfy the full spectrum of smokers and vapers.

Customization Options

SBS is one of the most customizable companies there are! The custom vaporizer pens are amazing! You start by building the vape. You will pick a battery power and color. Then your tank and additional accessories. To top it off, you can make custom e-liquids. They will blend it for you… How rad is that?


Basically these guys have everything you need, and they have starter kits to boot that give you EVERYTHING you need to kick your habit off nicely. And trust me, even if you were not a smoker, these will become a habit.  Customize your vaporizing experience with a high quality product that will make you truly happy. Buy a few tanks, too! Switch flavors at the drop of a hat.

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