South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cigarettes are the close to the real thing.


An E Cigarette That Seems Like a Cigarette

The South Beach Smoke Disposable E Cigarettes give me the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette. I love the way they taste. They also feel like a real cigarette when I’m holding them. These E Cigs even have the look of a real cigarette. I can enjoy them in so many places that I couldn’t enjoy a real cigarette. I was sold not only by the taste but by the fact that one last longer than a pack of my old smokes which saves me money. I’ve tried several brands but this is the best for me.

South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cig

Bold Yet Smooth

I enjoy how that these E Cigarettes offer a bold taste while still offering a smooth taste. It’s an great feeling to know I’m smoking but I’m not. The vapor flow allows me to have just the right amount of vapors to satisfy my desire. I can easily carry them in my pocket or purse and hit it when ever I choose. I am also fond of how easy it is to use. The battery offers a long life so there’s no worries there. This E cigarette is simply one unit so there’s not a lot of pieces to assemble before enjoy it. I can select from regular or menthol flavors to suit my taste. I never experience any after taste and that’s a huge plus for me.

Quick and Convenient

The South Beach Smoke Disposable E Cigarettes have nothing to assemble making them so quick to use. There is also no battery to charge either. No other E cigarette is as easy to use. The flavor cartridge is built all into one piece. There is no measuring or pouring to enjoy them. I can use them any place and at any time. There is no other E cigarette that comes close to the convenience and taste of the South Beach. Another important factor for me is that they are so easy to travel with. I can toss them in my bag and be on my way. I can enjoy them on a plane with no worries. I’ll never opt for another brand.

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