South Beach Smoke Clear Air Tank with cap product review


South Beach Smoke Clear Air Tank

The South Beach Smoke Air Tank is a great product for veteran vape enthusiasts and neewbies who want to try vaping. From the first time I tried it, this vaporizer exceeded my expectations. The first few pulls were exceptionally strong while still harboring a pleasant taste. I have tired many vaporizers for the first time that have been overwhelming to the taste, and, even worse, have let the mouthpiece interfere with the taste. These potential pitfalls are no issue with the South Beach air tank. The stainless steel cap protects the mouthpiece from getting contaminated and helps to preserve the flavor of the e-liquid. Overall, this tank is a great accessory to any vaporizer collection.

South Beach Smoke Air Tank

Features and Specs

  • For an average user, this tank lasts about one to three months. The built-in atomizer lasts about 2 to 3 weeks on average, which is about 15-20 e-liquid refills. With its hidden wick system, this atomizer works extremely well and does not interfere with the flavor of the e-liquid in any way.
  • A cap for the air tank seems unnecessary, but when you consider how much dust and dander are floating in the air, it makes sense to cover it with a cap. This is a highly underrated feature of this model.
  • Built from a sturdy polycarbonate material, this tank is difficult to break, which, in my experience, can be a problem for vape users.
  • It features a 1 ml capacity, a large amount for this type of tank, allowing more vaporizer time and less refill time.
  • It doesn’t leak. In the time I had the South Beach Smoke Clear Air Tank, it did not leak and waste my e-liquid at all, another common problem with tanks.


Overall, there are no earth-shattering aspects of this product, just a solid, sturdy, large capacity tank that avoids common mistakes in other tanks. I would recommend this product to anyone who is either into vaporizers or who wants to be. It could easily be someone’s first air tank or simply another in a vast collection. These tanks are sure to please the nitpicking customers (as they should be) that comprise the vaporizer market. The sleek and durable design will surely please all vaporizer enthusiasts.

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