South Beach Smoke Air: Great Quality, Inexpensive and Compact


Reviewing the South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit

First Impressions

I recently started vaping as an alternative to smoking, and while I enjoy it, I have found that disposable e-cigarettes are expensive and wasteful, and the main alternatives, personal vaporizers and e-cigarette kits, can be quite complex to use and cumbersome to carry around. The South Beach Smoke Air Starter kit fills the void between the two extremes, providing a compact and stylish stainless steel vaporizer that is easy to use and quite inexpensive. Fully assembled, the Air is just over four inches long and half an inch wide.

South Beach Smoke Air Starter KitStarter Kit Details

The South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit is a complete vaping system and it includes the following parts:

  • Wall charger: Charges the Air from household current.
  • USB charger: Charges the Air from any device with a USB port.
  • Battery: 350 mAH Battery.
  • Tank: Clear E-liquid tank with atomizer and mouthpiece
  • Cap: Stainless steel cap to protect the mouthpiece

South Beach Smoke E-liquid


The only thing I had to add to the kit was the nicotine solution, called e-liquid, and South Beach Smoke recommends that only their brand of e-liquid be used in the Air, as the Air requires a special solution with a 70 percent propylene glycol to 30 percent vegetable glycerin ratio to work properly.

Using the Air

The Air seems sturdy and well constructed. Adding the e-liquid is as easy as pouring it into the tank along the side walls, while avoiding getting the atomizer in the center tube wet. Once assembled, the South Beach Air provides consistent vapor doses with th push of a button. In my experience, the included 350 mAH battery lasted all day long  and into the evening on a single charge. Late nights may require a bit of extra charge. Upgraded batteries are available from South Beach Smoke, including a 650 mAH battery and a 900 mAH battery, which extend the Air’s lifespan between charges considerably. The enhanced batteries, of course, add to the overall length of the Air, hindering its portability.

South Beach Smoke Air Starter KitFinal Thoughts

The atomizer in the Air is integrated into the tank, making replacement of the tank necessary when the atomizer must be replaced, though new tanks are very inexpensive. Overall, I believe the South Beach Smoke Air is one of the best values in the personal vaporizer segment.

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