SMY Touchscreen Box Mod Review


The SMY Touchscreen Box Mod is taking temperature control vaping to a whole new level. It is a colorful little device that provides an extremely user-friendly interface in touchscreen form, allowing you to modify your experience on the go, and experiment with different settings easily. 

Easy to Use

The first thing you’ll notice about the SMY Touchscreen Box Mod is how comfortably and easy it is to use. The designers clearly took some hints from the smart phone industry, making it fit in your hand nicely while still giving you a screen big enough that it’s easy to read and see what you are doing. Other TC box mods force you to use multiple buttons and have a tiny LED screen to shuffle through settings one at a time. Not this one. 

Temperature Control

It comes with some pre-set ranges for both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature control, and once you have selected your desired range, you simply swipe left or right to fine tune your adjustment. The same is true of the wattage settings, allowing you even more control. 

Save Your Favorite Set-UpsSMY Touch Box 100W TC

Of course, the SMY Touchscreen Box Mod takes things one step further by allowing you to save your favorite set-ups and recall them at a later time as you cycle through different vape juices. Plus, it includes a detailed tracker that gives you a little bit of insight into your personal vaping habits such as: how much time you have spent vaping, and what your average vaping session looks like. For the avid vaper, this information can be used to further customize and improve their machines. 

Variety of Colors

The SMY Touchscreen Box Mod comes in four colors including black, white, rose gold and sky blue, but the case isn’t the only customizable part of the equation. This box mod allows you to choose from a selection of wall papers to display in the background of your menus and when you first wake it up. You can really make it all your own.

The Ability to Upgrade

The SMY Touchscreen Box Mod wouldn’t be complete without an eye on the future, considering its already futuristic looks and functionality. It comes with a port that allows you to update the software through your computer as the engineering team continues to improve on the technology, meaning you won’t have to replace this box for a very long time. For only $100, it’s hard to beat in the high-tech category. 


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