Sidekick Portable Vaporizer Review


The new Sidekick portable vaporizer by 7th Floor is a slick new device with a ton of potential packed inside. It has an unusual contour that makes it fit into the curve of your hand comfortably, despite it’s hefty weight. The soft shimmer of the colored metallic finishes gives this device a lot of personality on the exterior. 

Sidekick Portable Vaporizer In Use

Like other dry herb vaporizers, the Sidekick comes with a simple glass stem that you can extend and use. This provides a clean, cool vapor cloud that you can enjoy. The heating chamber is larger than many others with room for up to a quarter-gram.

The Sidekick also has one of the largest temperature control ranges of any dry herb device we’ve seen in a long time. While most vape starter kits are limited to 360 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, this one goes from 100 to 455 degrees. Granted, most people will still find themselves vaping in the upper 300s, but it is fun to experiment. 

The Sidekick Starter Kit

You may have noticed that the Sidekick starter kit is a bit more expensive than other comparable dry herb and concentrate vaporizers on the market. You’ll find that every extra dollar spent is given back to you in the form of accessories that are included.

The kit itself comes with a fancy carrying case to keep your device safe on the go, as well as two sets of spare batteries. Most devices require you to buy batteries on your own. The included wall charger is capable of charging both sets of batteries at once, or one set at a time. The team at 7th Floor did not cut corners putting this kit together. 

Future Investments for the Sidekick

Not only has the Sidekick made a name for itself already by producing a dependably great experience, they have also been quick to release a number of other mouthpieces to go with the device. A big thumbs up for versatility if you want to turn your device into a bubbler or change the length of the vapor path with an extended glass piece. 

If you’re in the market for an upper-end dry herb vaporizer, the Sidekick is definitely worthy of your consideration. Make sure as you shop to compare the entire kit to get a true idea of the value you are getting here. Plus, consider what other uses you may have for your device later on. SideKick Portable Vaporizers by 7th Floor

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