Blue Drake by Mount Vapor

I’ve been vaping now for about a year and have tried so many different flavors and styles of vaping device that I feel a little jaded. That said when I gave the Blue Drake by Mount Vapor a try I was hooked. This has a sharp and tangy taste on the first pull and smoothes into a mellow flavor with each other puff and pull. I really liked the easy to use dropper bottles for filling my device. I had zero spills or wasted drops, which is good. The Blue Drake hit my nicotine craving for sure, and delivered it with this really good taste. I think I may have a new favorite. What I did notice though was the Blue Drake e-liquid had a slight tendency to gum up and clog the atomizer portion of my device, requiring a little more cleaning than normal. I can live that for this great tasting vape flavor. I learned if I thinned it down a little prior to dripping into my vaping device I could keep the atomizer a lot cleaner and less clogged. It does make the taste a little less than normal, but it still gave me that taste of the tangy and sweet mellowness.


My Blue Drake Pros

*Taste and mellowness

*Natural ingredients for the Blue Drake e-liquid. I like knowing good things are going into my body!


My Blue Drake Cons

*The e-liquid had a tendency to gum up my atomizer more often than other vaping flavors I have used and tried

A kind of fruity taste goes through this flavor. I don’t know what it is but you can smell this fruity scent and the taste gives a light berry like taste. This comes after the first puff which comes off as a little tangy and slightly tart. After that, each puff for me was a nice and even keeled, mellow puff. Of all the gaping flavors I have tried, my favorite being the tobacco flavor because it is so close to a real cigarette, the Blue Drake e-liquid flavor is my favorite. It really manages to get to my taste buds and gives me that relaxing and mellow nicotine fix without all the nasty smoke. This one is a good one.

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