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A review of Quality Play Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

I have tried out all sorts of different vaporizers out there, trying to find the very best product for the money. There are so many different vaporizers that it can be difficult to track down one that really gives the best features for the money. The best vaporizers are going to cost generally well over a few hundred dollars, but the problem with this is not everyone is able to pay for this kind of an option. That is why it is necessary to locate an electronic cigarette that is also able to provide nice features for not a lot of money. That is where the Play Vapor Electronic Cigarette comes into play.


First off, the price for the Play Vapor Electronic Cigarette only starts at around $25. This puts it at a far less expensive price tag than what is paid for on the high-end models. Of course, it is not going to give the same kind of features that a more expensive option is going to have, but it still is a nice little device for the money.

Quality Play Vapor


Beyond the price, each cartridge is going to cost around $3, although this can vary, depending on where the cartridge is purchased and the specific flavor, but this is generally the going price for it. Each cartridge is going to provide up to 200 puffs, while the battery of the Play Vapor Electronic Cigarette lasts for at least 400 puffs. This way, the device should last about as long as two cartridges.


The battery is able to charge both inside of a car and through a USB connection. This way, when I used the electronic cigarette, I could just simply pop it into my car and charge the battery while driving to work. By doing this, I never really had a problem of the battery dying out on me when I needed it. Of course, there were times where I forgot to charge it in the car, but since it works through a USB connection, it is possible to plug it into either a cell phone charger or directly into a computer USB port to charge it. This way, it really is possible to charge the Play Vapor Electronic Cigarette just about anywhere, which is extremely desirable.

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