Premium Tank for Not Much Money with the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank


VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank Review and Specs

Whenever something is called premium, I typically assume that I am going to spend way too much money for a product, even though it really is well made. Of course, it is either spending too much money on a product or spend not enough and have it break on me after only a few short weeks (which has happened to me before with other products). Because of this, when I saw the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank, I assumed that I’d be spending an arm and a leg for it. After all, it is from VaporFi, and the company usually makes a wide selection of quality products. However, when I saw the price tag I almost gawked, as it is less than most of the inferior products, only the high end construction puts it on par with many of the better products out there. The VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank is more than just an inexpensive tank with highlight designs though, as it features some very nice design elements that are typically found on more expensive vaporizers.VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank

Some of the added features of the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank include:

– 2.5 ml tank capacity

– Top atomizer

– Constructed out of Polycarbonate

About the Features

The 2.5 ml tank is a very nice size and is almost twice the size as a traditional, entry level tank. This is what I really like about it. Although the tank does not cost all that much, it still gives me more space so the tank lasts longer (several hundred puffs more than what the entry level tanks provide). On top of this, the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank is a top atomizer, which means it heats the liquid up from the top instead of the bottom. This means the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank is going to work with some of the better VaporFi products, including the Pulse and the Pro. Beyond this, the VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank is constructed out of a polycarbonate. This is an extremely sturdy, yet lightweight material that is designed to last the long haul. Many other brands use a plastic, which really is not desirable and is going to break, but this vaporizer tank can last the test of time.

VaporFi Premium Clearomizer Tank

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