Our Top 10 Vape Juice Flavors in 2016

Top 10 Vape Juice Flavors

We are halfway through 2016 and the time has come to pick our favorite vape juice flavors of the year so far. There are literally hundreds of contenders that have made their way onto store shelves this year, but based on the reviews of vapers nationwide, and our personal experiences, we have found 10 unique flavors that really captured our hearts and gave us something to talk about. 

VaporFi’s AppletiniVaporFi Appletini E-Liquid

If you’ve ever had a handcrafted appletini at your local club, you know how wonderful the taste of blended apples can be with just a touch of sour right in the middle. That is exactly what VaporFi Appletini delivers with this vape juice. You get the immediate sense of the fruit and then your taste buds pick up the sour granny smith begging for your attention. Then, it quickly subsides into a smoother red apple flavor on the exit. 

Motley Brew’s Almost FamousMotley Brew Almost Famous Vape juice

Almost Famous is a delicious blueberry-infused pastry flavor that brings together soft muffins with roasted pecans. Imagine walking into your favorite bakery and ordering a muffin fresh out of the oven. You can smell the berries and you can taste the nuts all blended together and topped with just a sprinkle of sugar to balance out the tartness of the berry juice. 

Boyd’s BountyBoyds Bounty E-Liquid

Boyd’s Bounty is an incredibly complex premium flavor that breaks down the barriers between the most common flavor profiles. It’s tobacco, but it’s also a sweet dessert. When you first take a hit of Boyd’s Bounty you can’t miss the unmistakable dark tobacco flavor. But suddenly you notice that you are also tasting oatmeal raisin cookies and maybe a bit of caramel mixed in, and then it starts to float away on a cloud of sweet cream. 

Watermelon Cotton CandyWatermelon Cotton Candy by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid

Watermelon Cotton Candy is a carnival favorite, mixing fluffy cotton candy with two different fruit flavors. First you get the juicy watermelon flavor, but it quickly changes to a softer pear flavor on the way out. It’s a nice combination of fruit flavors, pumped up with the sticky sweetness of cotton candy. 

King’s Crest Don JuanDon Juan E-Liquid

Whatever the name may make you think, this vape juice is not at all what you are expecting. Don Juan is actually a succulent dessert vape that offers a buttery pie crust flavor, filled with creamy pecans drizzled in honey. It’s an intense flavor that really brings out the best of what King’s Crest has to offer. 

Taffy Man h20BRY E-LiquidTaffy Man H2O BRY

Taffy Man is an up-and-coming vape juice manufacturer, and the H2O BRY flavor is a great way for them to make their mark. This is an awesome fruity combination that is watermelon, strawberries, and pure sunshine. Seasonal vapers will love this fresh summertime flavor, but it is just subtle enough to keep you hooked year round. 

Space Jam EclipseSpace Jam Eclipse E-Liquid

Space Jam Eclipse is another tobacco vape juice that blurs the lines and brings in a softer vanilla top note. You get the full feel of authentic tobacco up front, and then it is feathered out by a creamy vanilla custard flavor that leaves behind a soft aftertaste when you are done. It’s a great combination of the two that doesn’t distort either flavor too far from its original.

Cosmic Fog Euphoria 70VG E-LiquidCosmic Fog Euphoria

If you are looking for a tasty cereal vape juice to add to your collection, Euphoria is it. It’s all the flavors of the rainbow mixed together to create the illusion of a bowl of fruity pebbles. Watermelon, lemon, strawberry, blueberry and more all blended together with milk so you really get the feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of cereal in your lap. 

I Love DonutsI Love Donuts by Mad Hatter E-Liquid

I Love Donuts hardly requires an explanation given its name. Mad Hatter nailed the global stage with this amazing breakfast/dessert vape juice. What happens when you perfectly replicate the flavor of a warm donut first thing in the morning, glazed with a soft strawberry icing, and filled with a tremendously sweet blueberry jam? That’s exactly what you’ll get out of this flavor, and you won’t be disappointed. 

NumskullzNumSkullz E-Liquid

Numskullz is more than just a vape juice. It is actually a vape juice system. It is an innovative way of letting you experiment with blending your own flavors, combining a variety of different flavors at your will. The Numskullz box comes with one bottle of Strawberry Banana candy flavored juice, and a second bottle of Watermelon Apple flavored juice, and it is up to you to unlock the secret combination that makes both of them pop. Or maybe you just enjoy them on their own. Either way, it’s a fun way to test out a couple of different flavors with a sweet candy background. 

So there you have it. These are the top 10 vape juice choices for 2016 based on tons and tons of experimenting with each e-liquid for consistency, quality and representation of its original flavors. We polled the internet, we have been to trade shows, and we have seen everything that there is to see in the vape world today in our quest to narrow down the very best of the best. 

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