Numskullz Wapple Review


Numskullz Wapple E-liquid

Originally released as a part of a magical Numskullz duo, Wapple is delicious fruity treat that features two great flavors mixed together. In this super-sweet candy concoction, you get the juicy flavor of ripe watermelons mixed with the tart goodness of green apples.

Numskullz has done an amazing job of capturing your favorite candy flavors in this e-liquid

Buying Numskullz Wapple Vape Juice

Wapple was originally created to be mixed with its clever counterpart, Stranana. However, many users found that they loved this unique flavor entirely on its own. Now you can purchase it individually for under $18 a bottle and enjoy every last drop. 

The Numskullz Legacy

Numskullz has focused almost exclusively on creating perfect candy flavors. With Numskullz Wapple they prove once more that they can nail each of the individual fruit flavors and blend them together just right so you can taste each flavor as it comes untangled in your mouth.

In addition to the accuracy and completeness of their flavors, they have also earned a reputation for very smooth vapes that hit the throat just right. The clouds produced are full and billowy with a delicious scent that enhances your overall experience. 


Not only is Wapple a generous 70% VG blend that flows through any device smoothly, it is also designed to blend well with a variety of other Numskullz vape juices.

When you buy this flavor you are actually buying part of a larger family of e-juices that can be mixed and matched at will to enjoy a whole new variety of flavors. In this case, you can buy Wapple and Stranana together and blend them perfectly, but Numskullz other candy flavors are also play well with this flavor. The possibilities are endless. 

If you love super fruity e-liquids or you are on the hunt for an awesome new candy flavor to get you going, Wapple is the way to go. It is a fun flavor that really balances the extra juicy qualities of watermelon and adds bright green apples on the exhale to grab your attention.

Numskullz gives you everything you need to branch out and experiment with flavors, and you won’t be disappointed when you add this one to your collection. Buy it alone or with its partner in a two-pack and get to vaping one of the most exciting e-juices around!

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