Numskullz E-Liquid Review


If you love mixing and matching flavors to create your own unique e-juices, Numskullz is the perfect choice for you. Numskullz e-liquid actually comes as two separate flavors, Wapple and Stranana, which you can combine to create a whole new fruity and candy experience, or you can enjoy the sticky sweet flavors all on their own. 

What is Wapple?

So what is Wapple, you ask? Wapple is a tart and tangy green apple flavor, blended perfectly with a soft watermelon undertone to give it a balanced and smooth taste. At first hit it you get the apple flavor right away, and then it slowly subsides into a mellower watermelon flavor as your cloud fades. 

Stranana, on the other hand, is a classic strawberry and banana flavor that brings back memories of delicious smoothies on hot summer days. On its own, the banana comes on strong and then the strawberry makes its appearance as the undertone. It’s a great all-day vape for the sweet-tooth vapers of the world. 


The real kicker is that the two bottles come together in one great package for you to mix and match to your heart’s content! $38 for two premium flavors is a bargain on its own, but Numskullz knows that you really want to combine the two for a third amazing flavor all your own. Start small and work your way up, or go for a straight 50/50 mix of the two flavors for an incredible fruit punch bonanza! What’s most amazing about this e-liquid is that each flavor is so great independently, that you can’t possibly go wrong by combining them, and the makers encourage you to go all out and have fun experimenting with it.

Candy Flavor

If you have always been a candy flavor enthusiast, you will not be disappointed with Numskullz. They have already earned a great reputation for their Beachy and Brazzy flavor, and continue to add innovative new e-liquids to their line. These liquids are a 70/30 VG heavy mix that adds a natural sweetness to the flavor while still packing a full punch. What could possibly be better than three awesome candy flavors for less than the price of two individual flavors? Choose from 0-, 3- and 6-mg strengths and enjoy a fabulous all-day treat right at your fingertips. 


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