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Motley Brew Artisan E-liquids

My girlfriend bought me different flavors from the Motley Brew line, so I know they had great vape, but found my personal favorite the other day when I got my vape mail with a new flavor. Paradise City blew me away (no pun intended). The vape was super smooth and the flavor easily slipped into my list of all day vapes. Overall, the packaging is professional, and I know the Motley Brew company is one of the most professional mixing crews in the USA. It costs 21.99$ a bottle, which compares nicely with other craft e-juice brands out there today. When I first got the package and opened it, the quality of the juice resonated with a pleasant smell. I started salivating and couldn’t wait to vape it.

Motley Brew Paradise City E-liquid

Initial Thoughts

I received the 30ML, and although they don’t offer that many options in terms of PG/VG mixes, I got a nicely blended 50/50 ration with 3% nic strength. The vape was smooth as it gets, with a nice cloud production for a 50/50 blend. I vaped it on different voltage setting, and found my sweet spot between 3.7v to 4.1v with a Dual Coil carto at 1.6 to 1.7 ohms. This setup brings out the most lychee flavor from this e-liquid. I like the way paradise city tastes like pear on the exhale and the lychee hits you on the side of the tongue with the inhale. This juice is prime, and I feel the love that the mix artist put into the craft.

A Special Vape

Since I tried it, I keep Paradise City in a separate tank and box mod because I don’t want to keep changing the settings when I change my tank. I just leave a separate mode dedicated straight for this flavor. This way I can just grab it on the run. It has been cheaper and easier lately to have multiple mods and tanks for various flavors, so I can keep my all day vapes on another shelf.

Motley Brew Paradise City E-liquid

Quality Assurance and Final Thoughts

In addition to the great flavor, Motley Brew’s e-juices are made in the USA  from quality ingredients. Their e-liquids are developed in an FDA registered lab, diacetyl-free, and made from the highest quality soy-based glycerin. Making for some juice that is 100% clean.  Thanks for Motley brew for keeping the quality high, through and through because there are lots of companies out there that have one hit wonder juices that are unlike the rest of their flavor line. When I find a brand of juice like Motley Crew I stick to it and recommend it to all the vapers in my circle.

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