Motley Brew The Drop Vape Juice Review


Motley Brew: The Drop

The last of Motley Brew’s Remix line, The Drop, is a vape juice flavor with a surprising blend of fruit, cookies and just a hint of vanilla. It isn’t quite like anything you’ve ever tasted before. Motley Brew has really taken a risk here by combining so many different flavors, but it all comes together in a spectacular way. 

Fruit and Cookies

Imagine a crumbly, delicious sugar cookie base with a milky vanilla undertone. Now add a little bit of blueberries for a moist and tangy, sweet touch. Take it one step further with a blast of key lime whipped up on top. The sparkly citrus notes really top it all off and adds some pizzazz to the mix, and that is exactly what you get with The Drop vape juice. It sounds too good to be true, but Motley Brew brought this imaginative flavor to life and it does not disappoint. 

The Perfect Blendthe-drop-remixed-by-motley-brew

Not only are all the flavors measured out in just the perfect ratio, but also the 30/70 VG blend is also creates a fluid, flexible e-liquid that runs well in just about any device. If you like mellower flavors, you can vape The Drop at low power and really get a sense of the base notes, but when you turn it up to high power, that’s where this flavor really excels. With higher power you can pick out all of the complex elements and you get a fuller cloud production. 

Just like that special moment when you finally hear the beat drop, this vape juice will set your heart to pounding and make you dizzy with euphoria. It catches you just a little off guard with its dazzling array of flavors, but it all ties together to create one fantastic experience. Motley Brew did their very best to set a new bar in the e-liquid industry with more creative flavor combinations and striking accuracy when it comes to replicating authentic fruit and dessert flavors. This vape juice is definitely on the sweeter side, but the blueberries and key lime makes it just a little bit sour on the front end so it stands out from all the other super sweet fruit flavors. In the $15 price range, it’s just too tempting not to give it a shot. 


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