Motley Brew Bubble Pop Vape Juice Review


Motley Brew Bubble Pop

Another new release from Motley Brew’s Remix line, Bubble Pop is exactly what it sounds like: a fruity, candied mix of sugary goodness in the form of vape juice. Strawberry Kiwi faces off with Watermelon Lemon-Lime in an all out bubble gum extravaganza. This flavor is for the kid in you that wants to relive the burst of flavor you got when you opened up your favorite bubble gum lollipop.

A Splash of Flavor

Motley Brew did not leave anything out of Bubble Pop. In fact, you will be amazed at how smoothly each flavor rolls in and then back out, as you pass across a variable landscape of fruity favorites. Fresh strawberries are met with the slightly tangy, juicy kiwis on the inhale, making this juice just divine. It’s an all time classic that never gets old. Then, much to your surprise, the exhale is a completely different candied watermelon flavor with just a hint of citrusy lemon lime on the back end. The lemon lingers for just a little bit so you can truly appreciate the fullness of the flavor. 


In order to truly appreciate the complexity and flow of this flavor, you should really give it a shot at a high wattage. The higher power brings out a better combination of the fruits and doesn’t let the undertones get washed out. Plus, there are plenty of clouds to be had with this liquid when you turn it up. This e-liquid is a 30/70 blend and is priced at just $14.99 for a 30 ml bottle. It is the perfect match for anyone who loves fun candy flavors and wants to reminisce about their favorite childhood treats. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bubble Pop is another perfect mix by Motley Brew. They flavors all work really well together to create the overall sensation of chewing bubble gum. It’s a great choice for mid-afternoon vaping or a great way to wake yourself up with an early morning sugar rush. While some people seem skeptical about melon flavors in general, we assure you that this sweet treat is much closer to a hard candy rendition of watermelon than a watered down fruit flavor. Every single hit will pack a punch and you will never get tired of it. Plus, you don’t start to lose the individual flavors over time like other complex blends. They all stand strong on their own. 

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