Melon Ball E-liquid by Element Review


The name Melon Ball probably fills your head with images of juicy cantaloupes and watery honeydew. However, this e-liquid is not quite what you expect. While the product description is a pretty ambiguous sweet melon flavor, the truth is that you are going to get hit with a strong, sugary watermelon flavor right up front. The other melons are present, but they much less prominent than the watermelon. 

Melon Ball On First Taste

The first inhale is a powerful watermelon flavor that hits right at the back of the throat. Then, as the other flavors start to unfurl, you will detect notes of cantaloupe and honeydew mixed in like a melon fruit salad. On the exhale, the flavors seem to blend a little bit better and are slightly less strong. Nevertheless, after vaping this e-juice for a little while the flavor of the watermelon never really mellows out. If you’re a big fan of super ripe watermelon, this is great news for you! 

Melon Ball Vapor Production

This is another one of the Far by Element products that comes in 75 percent VG. That’s pretty close to MAX VG range and it shows in the size and density of your clouds. The liquid itself has a dark amber color to it and it is slightly thicker than other e-liquids you may have used. This flavor does exceptionally well in a drip vape, and this really brings out the subtler notes of the cantaloupe and honeydew. The scent of the vapor after you exhale is one of the most exciting parts as it features all of the best parts of the melon blend with the sweetness of the fresh juice at its center. 

Melon Ball stands out a little bit from the other liquids in the Far by Element line. While it definitely does have a sweet kick to it, it’s not quite along the same lines as the other dessert and candy flavors in their other juices. This one is a little more down to earth, but it doesn’t leave you wanting for anything. It performs well in any vaporizer and makes for a really great mid-afternoon vape if you want something quick and refreshing to lift you up. For true melon lovers, it may even be the next all-day vape. 


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