Maintenance-Free EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit


EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit Review

If you are like me, you hate cleaning your electronic cigarettes. It’s a nasty process that makes your fingers sticky and smelly. Worse, the resins left from the smoke make you want to smoke even more when you clean it. And, frankly, if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse who hates smoking, cleaning your electronic cigarette will make him or her cringe. Fortunately, I found the EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit and no longer must go through the hassle of maintaining my electronic cigarette.

Disposable Atomizer Filter

The beauty of the EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit is its disposable integrated atomizer and filtration system. I don’t have to clean it when I am done with it. I just toss it in the trash, pop on a new atomizer, and keep smoking with one of the most effective filtration systems devised. The atomizer filters are available in regular or menthol for smoking preference, and I get plenty of puffs each time I install a new atomizer filter unit.

ProsEverSmoke Reusable Express Kit

  • Simple, two-part construction.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Long-lasting batteries.


  • Requires replacement atomizers/filters.
  • Lithium ion batteries are costly.

Simple Construction for Reliable Use

The EverSmoke Resusable Express Kit is made with a simple yet highly effective design. Instead of a lot of complicated parts that can break or go bad, the EverSmoke electronic cigarette is made with a simple battery compartment and a combined atomizer cartridge for filtering the smoke. Fewer parts mean fewer problems, and I don’t have to worry about the filter getting dirty and affecting the taste when I want to have a good, clean smoke. The advanced atomizer filter cartridge is among the best in the business, too.

Long-Lasting Batteries

Another thing I love about the EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit is how long the batteries last. The lithium ion batteries give me up to 250 puffs per charge. Better still, it comes with a USB charger, so I can take it nearly anywhere and just plug it into my laptop, iPad or other USB-enabled device and recharge the batteries when they start to get low. The electronic cigarette also uses an automated battery system, so I don’t have to press any buttons while drawing a smoke.

The Verdict

Its simple construction and easily recharged batteries make the EverSmoke system one of the most convenient and portable electronic cigarette systems available.

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