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Five Pawns E-Liquids Review

I was very excited when I came across Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid. As I began browsing their site, I was very surprised that they manufacture all of their liquids directly in-site in California. It shows me that they take pride in the e-liquids they offer to the public. Because of this alone, I decided to place an order. I was extremely impressed with the bottling and packaging. It was highly obvious that this company is high-end and serious about their customers. All of their e-liquids have a 50/50 blend of PG and VG vapors. Furthermore, all of their ingredients are completely natural. All of these qualities are obvious in the taste.

Five Pawns Signature E-Liquids

Five Pawns divides their e-liquids into two major groups. Both groups were carefully developed and tested for the very best taste and smoothness.

Signature Series MMXIV 

This was the very first collection released by Five Pawns and consists of 5 different blends. I personally ordered the variety pack to sample each one. All of them were extremely smooth.

  • GrandmasterThis is a very sweet vapor of peanut butter and banana cream. It also has a tent of caramel.
  • Absolute Pin: This is a cinnamon, Irish cream flavor. Definitely a little unique, but still very subtle.
  • Gambit: Traditional apple pie and vanilla ice cream. I really enjoyed this one; I love apple pie.
  • QueensideA nice orange citrus flavor.
  • Bowden’s Mate: A awesome chocolate mint flavor. This has always been a favorite flavor for me.

Mixology Edition MMXIV 

This is the newest set of vapors geared towards popular drinks.

  • Perpetual Check: A nice lemon, fig and cinnamon blend.
  • Fifth Rank: This tastes similar to a champagne.
  • Sixty-Four: This taste like my favorite drink, a mojito. A very nice grapefruit tent.
  • LucenaInspired by a white peach rum.
  • Castle Long: This is my favorite of this signature series. It resembles the taste of Kentucky Bourbon. It’s nothing too sweet and is a little bold.


It is very obvious that Five Pawns give personal touches to each of their blends. I enjoyed the variety packs of both signature series.

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