Lily E-Cigarette Review


Lily E-Cigarette review with new features

Lily E-CigaretteThe new and improved Lily E Cigarette is a small model, but it still delivers a powerful vapor and taste. Despite its size, the Lily E Cigarette still puts out a maximum of 3.5 volts, which work well to deliver the intense taste and thick vapor that experienced users expect from top of the line E cigarettes. The latest version of this very versatile and powerful E cigarette has a few new features that are very useful for veteran users and newbies.


  • Battery level indicator. Tired of E cigarettes that won’t tell you when they need to be recharged? The Innokin Lily E Cigarette used three lights that indicate how much charge the unit still holds: Green is fully charged, yellow is about half charged, and red means it’s time to plug the unit in again. The rechargeable 350 mAh polymer Li-Ion battery in the Lily E Cigarette holds a charge for longer than you might expect from such a small but powerful machine.
  • Safety switch. Veteran vape users know not to hold down the activation button longer than necessary to get a good inhale. Holding this button down for too long can damage the E cigarette and cause short circuits if it’s plugged in. The Lily E Cigarette automatically turns off when you hold the activation button down for longer than 12 seconds, eliminating damage caused by first time or careless users.
  • Atomizer protection. The short circuit/ atomizer protection feature unique to the Lily E Cigarette shuts the unit down when it detects unsafe conditions. This prevents damage to the atomizer itself, an important feature, especially for new users. This model will warn you if it detects a load short circuit and will cease producing vapor.


Overall, the Lily E Cigarette is one of the safest units on the market. You won’t have to worry about unintentionally damaging your brand new vape pen because of the safety features unique to the Lily E Cigarette. It’s perfect for a light but fragrant smoke to relax after a long day. The cartridges I tried for the unit had a strong but not overwhelming flavor perfectly released by the E Cigarette. If you’re new to vaping and want to try it, this is the way to go.

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