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Krave Electronic Cigarette Review

The E-cigarette market is huge right now. There are hundreds of different brands, flavors, strengths and kits. It can be very overwhelming just to select one. This is what turned me onto the Krave brand. Krave makes E-cigarette choices simple. They don’t offer a thousand flavors to choose from or several starter kits. It is a simple brand that offers the most popular cartridges and flavors. They keep the choosing easy. Here is what you will find with the Krave brand.

Krave Disposable E-CigDisposable

Krave is more known for their disposable E-cigarettes than their rechargeable. I like that you can find these throughout many of the gas stations, grocery stores and tobacco shops. I personally like this, because I don’t have to order anything on-line. I like the convenience of running into a store to purchase. I don’t like waiting on a package. You will find Krave in the simple and most common flavors.

  • Tobacco/Menthol: These are the most popular flavors, because they are the most realistic to tobacco.
  • Great Grape
  • Wild Cherry
  • Very Vanilla
  • Sour Apple
  • Chocolate

All the Krave disposables only come in 1.8% nicotine, but that is my favorite strength, so I like it. Furthermore, each disposable E-cigarette has a glowing white tip which is cool.

Rechargeable Starter Kit

Krave does offer rechargeable products and two different starter kits to choose from:

  • Krave Classic: This is a very basic starter kit, that runs $10.95. It includes one battery, one tobacoo filter, one menthol filter and a USB charger. This kit is great if you use rechargeable every so often.
  • Krave King: The King kit runs $20.95. It includes one battery, one tobacco filter, one menthol filter, USB charger and a carrying case.

Krave Rechargeable Starter Kit

Other Details

The only real difference between the two starter kits, is that the carrying case is included in the King. I personally bought the Classic, because I didn’t need a case. The refill cartridges come in a five pack or a three pack; the flavors are tobacco and menthol. Also, the cartridges are 1.8% nicotine.


Krave is the most basic of E-cigarette brands. If you are looking for tons of flavor options and nicotine strengths, then Krave may not be a good fit. However, if you are like me, simple is all I need.

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