King’s Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid Review


Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid

King’s Crest is known for their succulent sweet dessert flavors and their distinct attention to detail. More than simple candy or chocolate, they really aim to recreate some of the most delectable dishes from around the world. In this case, the Don Juan Reserve e-liquid is a flawless pecan pie rendition that starts you off with warm, buttery crust and sweet, syrupy pecans.

The Flavor

Pecan Pie sounds pretty straightforward on the surface, but as any great chef will tell you, it is actually a carefully balanced dish that requires the perfect blend of spices, nuts and crumbly crust. This premium flavor gently brings out the very best of each individual flavor and then mixes it all together like a wholesome bite of pie. 

The Blend

Most notable about Don Juan Reserve e-liquid is the fact that it is an 80% VG juice. This might be a little high for some users, but we believe you will find that it provides plenty of flavor and enormous clouds. It creates a nice smooth draw that you can enjoy at breakfast, noon or night. You can choose from 0-12 mg of nicotine, depending on your preference. 

Premium Contents, Premium Price

Don Juan Reserve e-juice is part of the King’s Crest premium line, which uses only the highest quality ingredients and undergoes months of testing to ensure the flavor reigns supreme. King’s Crest clearly invested plenty of time and energy into getting this one right. As a result, you can expect a slightly higher premium price for the 30 mL bottle, right at $20. Yet, this is still less than other well-known premium brands in the $22-24 range. 

King’s Crest has long been a favorite among vapers for their incredible ability to choose creative flavors and execute them well. Don Juan Reserve E-liquid is just one more example of how they deliver the very best. You can pick up a 30 mL bottle now and get your very own pecan pie flavor to keep you warm as the weather starts to cool down. There is plenty of love to go around for this fantastic vape juice and you are sure to see the perks of using a high VG juice after you give this one a shot. 

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